Mariano Feliciano is very quickly making a name for himself in the fashion world.  Following the shoot of the Rebirth Fashion Video his designs have become sought after globally.  Originally from Puerto Rico he now resides in South Florida yet the globe is his home.  His designs exude the symbolism of the richness of life.  You can find him online under the tag:  #foreverlavi
Mariano Feliciano in the Mediterranean on a mortorcycle - published December 15th 2021 - Latin South Florida Magazine
Mariano enjoying a motorcycle ride in the Mediterranean!
Mariano Feliciano donning a pair of Chopard de Rigo sunglasses in South Florida
Mariano Feliciano alone with his thoughts pondering his next project!
Cantante and Celebrity Fashion Designer Mariano Feliciano of Forever Lavi on the microphone 2021
Mariano on the Mic!  #foreverlavi
Mariano of #foreverlavi reading a fashion magazine
Mariano reading a fashion magazine.
Mariano's ideas for his fashion project stem from the symbolism and richness of world cultures.  You will find his designs influence by native American mythology, middle eastern freemasonry, Carl Jung style positive imagery included in the works may include the all seeing eye, diamonds, eagles, rebirth logos, krakens, flowers and symbols of wealth!
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