Best Places to enjoy Opera in Miami & Greater South Florida: 

Name:  Miami Lyric Opera

Location: Colony Theatre & So Miami Cultural Arts Center

Tel.  305-297-3619


Cover Charge:


 Welcome to Latin South Florida's Directory of Opera Events.  Did you know that Opera is Latin Music? When most people thing of latin music they think of Salsa & Merengue.  People a little more educated on the subject might mention Cumbia, Bachata or Vallenatos, some might even mention Tango and many in the younger generation (Millennials) are proud to mention Urban or Reggaeton as a style of Latin music.  With Urban styles of music dominating the airwaves and advertising dollars we are in the process of fighting back and promoting more traditional and elegant forms of Latin music such as Salsa Classica, Bolero, Tango, Bachata, and yes even Opera!!  Opera is Latin in the sense that it stems from Italy and the word Opera in Latin means "work" as in work of art!  It is our work and our effort here at Latin South Florida to promote its elegance to the younger generation and to assist in promoting Opera and making its events available via promotion of affordable quality opera events such as those produced by Miami Lyric Opera.

If you have any suggestions for: Spanish Language Operas to be included in our directory please don't hesitate to contact us.  Also, venues, advance ticket opportunities, news releases, in need of event pr?  Email us today!