Brazilian NightClubs and Music Venues in South Florida

Boteco Miami
Bar Boteco Miami is certified aberto 2022 by Latin South Florida Brazilian Club Directory of Miami
916 NE 79th Street (79th Street Causeway)
Miami, FL 33138
Tel. 786-353-2555 
Hours: Noon till 2AM
Social media: @botecamiami

Notes: Live Samba on Friday and Saturday nights.  This place was praised highly in an article from Virgin Atlantic Records.  They stated that the only complaint they get is the challenge of finding a parking space.  If you live nearby consider taking an Uber. 
Feijao Com Arroz Steakhouse
Location: 559 East Sample 

Pompano Beach, FL 

Tel. 954-784-0909
Hours: Friday & Saturday Samba 5pm till 4am
Cover Charge: varies


Samba Clubs Fort Lauderdale
Bar Da Vila Miami
certificado aberto 2022 - bar da vila miami

Location: 152 SE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Tel. 786-420-5557
Hours: 5 till 11 PM on weekends
Cover Charge: n/a
Website: none

Social media: @bardavilamiami

Notes:  Every Saturday night they call this place Little Brazil of Miami Beach!  BOSSA NOVA JAZZ!!!

Just 1 More Bar - Fort Lauderdale, the neon sign of "Just One More" flickered to life, casting a vibrant glow on the quiet street. The night promised excitement, as people from all walks of life gathered at this late-night haven for a unique celebration - a Samba Night!

Inside the bar, the air buzzed with anticipation as the DJ set up the turntables. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the rhythmic beat of Samba music that resonated through the speakers. The bartenders, usually accustomed to pouring drinks for the night owls, found themselves swaying to the infectious rhythm as they mixed cocktails with an extra flair.

As the clock struck 10, the crowd started to trickle in, their spirits lifted by the promise of a spontaneous dance party. There were office workers still in their suits, adventurous couples seeking a midweek thrill, and a group of friends out for a good time. The eclectic mix of patrons added to the vibrant tapestry of the night.

In one corner, a group of friends from a local dance studio couldn't resist the allure of the Samba beats. They leaped onto the makeshift dance floor, twirling and swaying with grace, their feet effortlessly gliding across the floor. Their infectious energy spread like wildfire, drawing more people onto the dance floor.

At the bar, a shy accountant named Tom hesitated for a moment before setting down his beer and joining the festivities. His awkward shuffling slowly transformed into rhythmic steps as he surrendered to the music. Surprisingly, he found himself paired with a salsa instructor named Maria, who took him under her wing and guided him through the sultry moves of the Samba.

The bar staff, not to be outdone, set down their shakers and bottles to join the dance floor. The bartender, Max, spun a cocktail shaker in one hand while showcasing his footwork with the other. The servers twirled between tables, seamlessly weaving through the crowd with trays held high, showcasing their own dance moves.

As the night wore on, "Just One More" transformed into a Samba wonderland. The laughter of the patrons mixed with the beats of the music, creating a symphony of joy. Even the regulars who came for a quiet drink found themselves caught up in the celebration, tapping their feet to the infectious rhythm.

The clock struck midnight, and the Samba Night at "Just One More" reached its crescendo. The crowd, now a sea of smiling faces and twirling bodies, reveled in the unexpected magic of a Tuesday night in Fort Lauderdale. As the last notes of the Samba echoed through the bar, the exhausted but exhilarated dancers agreed: sometimes, the best nights are the ones you never saw coming.

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