Honduran Restaurants & Nightclubs in South Florida

Name: Orgullo Catracho Hondureno

Location: 2300 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33135

Tel. 305-643-3226

Hours: 5pm till 2am

Cover Charge: Free

Website: no site

Name: Honduras Mayo Restaurant

Location: 69 NW 27th St. Miami, FL 33125

Tel. 305-631-5151

Hours: 11am - 10pm

Cover Charge: Free

Website: no sitio

Name: La Costa Honduran & Latin Food Restaurant

Location: 1855 Florida 7 Davie, FL 33317

Tel. 954-797-0195

Hours: 7am - 10pm  11pm fin de semana

Cover Charge: n/a


Honduran cuisine is very interesting in that its a mix of African, Latin, Spanish and Lenca. They make use of local fruits, and ingrdients.  A famous Latin-American song by Banda Blanca popularized Sopa de Caracol.  Caracol soaked in coconut milk, with cilantro, ginger, and other spices along with platanos. Many Honduran restaurant owners like to name their restaurant with a variation of Catracha or Catracho.  Catracho (a) simple means a man or woman from Honduras.  The term Catracho came from a Honduran General with a similar surname who fought off Americans trying to take over Honduras and Central America for slavery purposes. Scottish descended William Walker was captured and executed and Hondurans are proud of the fact hence Viva Catracha!!   El plato tipico es Carneada, y el favorito es: Sopa de Frijoles.