About Spanish Broadcasting System:

Headed by Raul Alarcon Jr.  Cuban immigrant Raul worked with his father in New York City in a private radio advertising business.  They finally found an FM radio station for sale in the early 1980's for a little over 3 million dollars.  They put up all the collateral they had and Chemical Bank granted them a loan to buy the station.  He joined the Association of Broadcasters and at their Las Vegas Convention met someone who wanted to sell a station but did not want the buyer to play country music.  He bought it for 5 million.  His two AM stations were a huge success and he was finally able to buy an FM station from a Jewish organization in NYC.  He now heads the most listened to Spanish language radio station in the country and owns several stations in five major markets across the U.S.   Joseph Garcia is the VP and CFO and Albert Rodriguez is the COO. The Miami market is managed by:

  • Carolina Santamaria
  • Donny Hudson
  • Carolina Patino
  • Mario Taboada
  • Geraldo Arriaga